savannah pictures is a television production company specializing in documentaries about… well, anything really. As long as it is a good strong story which allows us to see deeper, and understand more than we’ve done before. There are good strong stories almost everywhere – in Arts & Culture for example (done plenty of those), Spirituality (a fair number of those too), and Nature (the area of greatest passion around here at the moment).

These days, the stories I like best are the ones that take us off the general, well-trodden routes – expeditions, explorations of all kinds. There’s a couple of those in development right now – go to Projects.

savannah pictures is (mostly) SARAH J SMITH – director, producer, writer, tripod-carrier through swamps & deep sand.

There is another string to my bow: multi-camera directing. I was fortunate to be trained in a rigorous and demanding broadcast environment, becoming comfortable with studio as well as outside broadcast work. Which is just as well – broadcasting is not always an exact science. I’ve had the pleasure of the sane, scripted, all-the-bells-&-whistles productions, as well as the mad adrenaline rush of Make-a-Plan, We’re-on-Air in 5-4-3... And I’ve discovered that it is totally addictive.

I’ve been in the business of producing & directing broadcast media for a good long while now – some details of The story so far… Open Navigation – go to Ancient History.